Packing and Moving

The Most Trusted Expert Movers in Dubai

At Redlines International, our high level of customer satisfaction is a result of our unrelenting passion for extraordinary customer service. Being the leading movers and packers in Dubai, UAE, we share an intense brand of passion that is always reflected in the services offered to each customer. Our freight forwarding experts will work closely with you to develop the optimum solution as part of your overall freight management strategy in every logistics challenge.

With our personalized, responsive customer service, your freight will be in good hands and we are setting an example for the other Moving companies in Dubai. We love helping our customers move and settle into their new premises. We designed our services in a way that fits your needs, your relocation, and even large shipments that will be carefully packed taking into consideration the contents, the destination, the regulatory considerations, and, of course, their importance to you and your business. Your hunt for the best moving companies in Dubai ends here.

Our decades of experience in the field of transportation on all 3 mediums - land, water, and air, has equipped us with the knowledge and possible hiccups that can come during the process of carrying out the work. Unlike new moving companies in Dubai, we do not spend our time fumbling from one solution to another. Our team of experts ensures there are contingency plans made well in advance in case of possible hiccups. Besides, our innovative methods and skilled workmanship ensure that all aspects of transportation are considered long before the process is underway. This is the result of a well-responsive and passionate team of professionals who take their responsibilities seriously and completely understand the consequences of single negligence. You can rest assured that we will take care of your belongings better than you have ever imagined.

Is Choosing the Best Moving Companies in Dubai a Stressful Task?

With countless movers and packers in Dubai, finding the best moving companies in Dubai may be deemed as a herculean task. But we are here to make that decision comparatively easier for you. Redlines International has built a strong reputation over the years as one of the best moving companies in Dubai. We uphold a high standard of performance and adhere to strict terms and conditions to provide the best quality of services. Moving from one place to another means uprooting all your stuff along with its associated memories and replanting it elsewhere. No matter where you go, you can move with unparalleled peace of mind that only Redlines International can offer you.

We offer a range of reliable and professional moving and packing services with competitive prices and secure personally dedicated storage containers. If you would prefer to deal with the best-moving companies in Dubai having a team of specialists, you are at the right place. We reduce the stress of moving, handle all sorts of challenges, and always take great care when packing your belongings.

Many of our customers are those who have switched services owing to empty promises given by other movers in Dubai. To be fair, they needed a respite from all the stress associated with moving the household items and handling of their delicate belongings. We understand the emotion mixed with the same and take precautions at every step of the moving process. Be it heavy furniture, live plants or even expensive portraits, we take care of each and every item with the utmost care and protection that can be provided. It is needless to say that we always go the extra mile to ensure our customer's trust in us is upheld no matter the size of the shipment or the distance that has to be covered.

Why Choose Redlines International, the Top Movers and Packers in Dubai

You may find countlessmovers and packers in Dubai who offer quality services in the UAE. However, what sets us apart from the crowd is our unique skill set and dedication to the task at hand. Over the course of our years planning and executing flawless shipments in the UAE, we have come across many unique requirements that needed custom-made solutions and out-of-the-box thinking to ensure safe and secure transportation. Our unique salient features and passion has helped us to stand apart from the crowd and become the best-moving companies in Dubai. The thought that goes into each and every transportation shipment is apparent and highly appreciated by our customers. Below mentioned are a few of the thoughtful acts we put forth in our endeavors.

  • We include an extra layer of protective foam inside the boxes for delicate items to protect them from any unforeseen damage
  • We use sturdy boxes that are tamper-proof, shock-absorbent, water-resistant, and sealed with secure locks that are of industrial standards.
  • We make use of specifically designed foam sheets in our packing process instead of regular corrugated rolls. They are extremely durable, cost-effective, shock-absorbent, and water-resistant.
  • We provide full moving solutions that provide utmost care and security, from packaging goods at the origin through to the unpacking at the customer's premises
  • We have specially designed options for transporting pets and plants without causing them any inconvenience.
  • We offer complete packing solutions for liquids, solids and even gaseous substances.

The biggest advantage is our customers who have used our services at least once. They are actually our biggest brand endorsers and well wishers. Anytime their acquaintances need movers in Dubai, they gladly direct them to us. And we have the responsibility to uphold their word and our reputation. And we literally deliver true happiness by exceeding their expectations.

Benefits of Hiring Moving Companies in Dubai

Save time & effort

A skilled and expert moving company like Redlines International offers you with a timely and high-quality service. Because we are specialists, we know how to pack and transfer your belongings in the smallest amount of time. There are tricks and trades of the business which come only with experience.

We have the necessary equipment

For moving day, not everyone has an extra wrist strap or a huge ramp needed to load the stuff. Some tools are necessary for a smooth move, and you may not know it until the day of the move arrives and you don't have them. When you employ specialists like us, you won't have to waste time renting equipment or stressing about completing tasks on schedule. You get access to all of the equipment, and the cost is already included in the deal.

It's a lot safer

Moving companies also have the necessary expertise and equipment to guarantee that your possessions are transported securely and in the same condition in which they were taken from your house. We are skilled in moving almost any object you may have in your home. You will have no issue transporting your prized possessions across longer distances. We also know how to handle delicate items, such as china and your massive crystal chandelier. Our professional movers and packers in Dubai understand just how to relocate your belongings. Leave it to the professionals at best-moving companies in Dubai and allow us to safeguard your pieces of art during a transfer.

Permit Management and Advice

The government has begun to adopt public road occupancy rates for parking trucks in several cities and many areas. So if you are not aware of these laws, it can cause considerable trouble and even a fee to make your move. The moving business is required to be aware of all current regulations and legislation. Hiring the services of a moving company like Redlines International becomes much more appealing in the case of an overseas transfer. We will be in charge of all customs fees and any other administration that your relocation needs.

Packing Expertise

Packing, perhaps to the astonishment of many do-it-yourself movers, has the potential to be done poorly, especially if you are in a hurry. By hiring professional movers and packers in Dubai, you can ensure that your belongings are safe, secure, and arrive in one piece. Our team of professionals are also knowledgeable about the most effective packing procedures, which can save you money on surplus packing materials and cargo sizes.

Local Move

Whether you want to transport from within Dubai itself or perhaps from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah, we will cater to your every need. Our team of professionals movers and packers in Dubai are always ready to assist you pack and transport your goods anywhere across the United Arab Emirates. Our Ground Shipping Fleet is diverse and can handle any type of load that you need to be transported. We possess different vehicles and transportation facilities including Curtain Trailers with GPS system, Flat/Container trailers, 10 ton Trucks, 5 ton Box Trucks with GPS system, 5 ton Open Trucks, 3 ton Box Trucks with GPS system, 3 ton Open Trucks, 1 ton Trucks, Freezer Trucks and several special equipment required to safely and efficiently transport your materials across UAE. And don't worry, we know the place in and out, so you can quit worrying if there will be delays due to the location.

International move

We do a physical inventory of the objects that must be transferred to the new location. Fragile items that must be handled carefully are packaged individually to guarantee they arrive in one piece. A cost-effective budget for relocation and movement services is supplied based on the client's needs. Goods are properly and methodically packaged so that they may be easily reassembled once they arrive at their destination. The crew manager of our movers in Dubai directly oversees the whole cargo loading process, ensuring the safe and secure loading of items.

We also handle customs inspection and documentation, as well as clearance and transportation. After customs clearance, the mode of transit is selected, and the products are carried to their final destination. When the items arrive at their destination, they are unloaded, unpacked, reassembled, and put according to the client's specifications. When the unpacking and reassembling is finished, we make certain that all rubbish is removed from the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our decades of experience and on time delivery of shipments are just the tip of the iceberg. Hire us for a stress free moving experience.

Our team of professionals will help with arranging, packing, shifting, transporting, delivering and even to set up your beautiful house. We are the complete package!

Segregate the items based on their delicacy and importance. Leave the rest to us.

We include an extra layer of protective foam inside the boxes for delicate items to protect them from any unforeseen damage.

We take full responsibility for all your household items that have been carefully listed and accounted for at the place of origin. You can even opt for additional insurance for certain expensive items against damage. Talk to our experts to know more.